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Welcome to Run Dan Run. You might have found this because you know who I am, or someone has directed you here. Either way, your day just got a bit brighter.

This page was created very quickly, (literally about an hours work, half of which was making coffee). It contains the information you need to help me support the charities I run for. Most of the online fundraising platforms available to me charge a fee for their transactions – so for ultimate flexibility on my part I have started to create my own platform. Once again – this is a very unfinished piece of work that I needed to get online as soon as possible for obvious reasons. It certainly isn’t finished and will probably end up getting completely overhauled when I have time.  Perhaps some pictures and a running total on this page first?

The point right now is to have a sensible URL (link) for people to share. If people could copy this link across social media for me, that would be excellent.




I am currently raising some funds for the Vicky Trusch Beat Bone Cancer Fund. You can use the link at the top-right to see available donation options. At present, due to this site’s infancy – these are a little limited. I cannot currently accept secure online donations, (yet). I hope you can find an option to help that suits you.

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Vicky wrote the following story, which gives far more information than I can. If you choose to donate after reading, see the donate section above and to the right.


I am a mum of two young children, Poppy (2) & Alfie (1). I was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma (OS), a type of bone cancer, on my rib, age 33 in Sept 17. It is a very aggressive rare cancer that often spreads to other parts of the body. It is believed the cancer cells have already spread in about 80% of patients at diagnosis but are so small they can’t be seen on scans. With a high recurrence rate, as time passes small cells that can’t be seen initially would eventually grow and be detected as a relapse.

So far:

– 10 weeks intensive chemo

– 22 Dec surgery to remove 3 ribs

– Just begun a further 18 weeks of chemo

In 30 years the only medical advance for OS is the development & approved licence of the drug Mepact for 2-30 year olds – a targeted cancer drug boosting the immune system to kill cancer cells & prevent recurrence. In the trial there was an improvement in the number of patients alive & well 6 years after treatment compared to those who didn’t have Mepact. As OS primarily occurs in children & young adults, the trial only included people between 2-30 years.

Approved by NICE in 2011, the NHS now offer Mepact as an additional drug to patients post-surgery within the trial age range. NICE recommended Mepact because more people are cured if they have Mepact as well as the standard chemo, with cost justified by benefits provided.

As I was age 33 at diagnosis, NHS have declined funding for this additional drug. The cost to self-fund is £103,227. My Oncologist believes I would benefit from this treatment. If I were age 30 at diagnosis it would have been offered on the NHS.

I have continued love & support from family & friends and remain positive. I aim to raise the funds required to be treated with this drug & improve my chances of survival and preventing relapse. With a young family, I hope for a long future to watch them grow. I would be forever grateful for help reaching this goal. Any contribution you can give or fundraise would be appreciated.